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About Us

The Varsha Diamonds Story

Varsha Diamonds Inc. was founded by Pankaj Mehta over 30 years ago. Originally established as a diamond manufacturer and distributor of natural loose diamonds, the focus and commitment of our founder was to share love and celebration in the form of a NATURAL diamond, the ultimate gift of the heart.

Pankaj’s true love for his wife, Varsha, prompted him to name the business after her. His words of wisdom: “If you love what you do, you will excel in that line of work. And, don’t be just good at it, be the BEST, because LOVE is the closest thing to MAGIC!”.

Pankaj passed on his philosophy of “making magic happen every day”, to his sons, Nick and Jay. Nick and Jay have taken over the day-to-day operation of the company. With the values instilled by their father, Nick and Jay have taken to new levels with cutting edge technology, transforming the company.

Today Varsha Diamonds Inc. excels at the art of cutting diamonds, accomplishing the highest light return in each diamond, beginning with the premier octahedron rough. These exquisite clear crystals are cut to the most demanding standards in the industry. The Fireworks Diamonds™ brand was realized from this art! The Fireworks Diamonds™ Round Brilliant, Cushion, Oval and Princess cut were awarded a Proprietary Grading Report, for the optimal light performance, by the American Gem Society (AGS) and achieves the highest rating from the (GIA) laboratory.

Beyond the thousands of natural loose diamonds on-hand, Varsha Diamonds also carries classic lines in Solitaire Rings, 3-stone Rings, and Studs. These are available in a variety of total weights and qualities. We focus on natural, finely cut, superior light performance, and competitively priced LOOSE DIAMONDS and JEWELRY. Varsha aims to create ease of sale while maintaining margins for our clientele.

Over the years, Varsha has created a niche strategy, delivering finer, important and higher value natural diamonds (ranging from $25,000 to over $1M cost per diamond). Many jewelers part of Leading Jewelers Guild, RJO, Centurion organizations, and beyond, have continuously made high value sales from Varsha Diamonds inventory.

Without compromising our quality and selection, Varsha Diamonds has the capacity to cater to individual and multi-store operations. Varsha Diamonds’ B2B model fully support brick & mortar retailers. We NEVER list our diamonds on Blue Nile, James Allen or any other e-commerce site.

Varsha Diamonds takes pride in building long term relationships with our clientele, offering the highest level of customer service. We thank you in advance for your business and look forward to building a promising and successful long-term relationship.

The Varsha Diamonds Team

*All of Varsha’s inventory is conflict-free, ethically & responsibly sourced, and certified through the Kimberly process.

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